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Armed with her degree and ready to face the world, CJay has had employment opportunities in the Non-Profit, Medical, Entrepreneurial and Retail arenas. In March of 2008, after receiving her Coaching Certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), she left a 12 year Human Resources position to pursue a life-long dream to own her own business. She is the creative force for Different by Design, Inc., Motivational Speaking and Personal Development.

Her business has a simple yet profound basis; all people are different, yet the same, and possess different God given gifts and talents that, once recognized, can uplift and enrich their lives and the lives of others in ways they may have never thought possible.

CJay has had training/certification with the following:
- (iPEC) Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Chicago, Ill.
- V- Team Leadership Network of America Chattanooga, TN
- Strong African American Families sponsored by Colorado Senate Bill 94
- REAL Essentials formerly WAIT Training (Why Am I Tempted) - The Center for Relationship Education
- Aurora Public Schools Division of Equity and Engagement

CJay does volunteer work with Special Olympics, American Diabetes Association, Charity's House Ministries, Women's Bean Project, AARP and others.

CJay's passions are: art, music, humor, education, ending mass incarceration, volunteerism and people eating well.


Rediscovering Your Dreams - Reaching Your Goals - Living Your Best Life
Different by Design, Inc.
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80130

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